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12MP IMX708

General Introduction

Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 is the latest camera model released by Raspberry Pi Official in 2023. The camera series adopts Sony 11.9MP IMX708 Image Sensor which can be used to take full HD video as well as stills photographs, and features an HDR mode up to 3 megapixels.

Camera Module 3 Series

The IMX708 Series includes standrad angle version, standrad angle NoIR version, 102° wide angle version and 102° wide angle NoIR versione. All of these cameras adopt Phase Detection Autofocus technology.
These Cameras are fully supported by the libcamera and Picamera2 library. Camera Module 3 is compatible with all Raspberry Pi computers.

Make Camera Module 3 More Flexible

The goal of our IMX708 line is to make the foundation's first autofocus camera the jack of all trades for all possible MV-based projects, we'd like to see them adopted by industrial practitioners for their quality and incomparable price-performance ratio.

We can even turn them into industrial cameras if needed.

To make the most enthralling features (HDR/PDAF/etc.) of the V3 camera more versatile, we have up-to-2m ribbon cables, adapters that extend them to 5/15 meters, multiplexers you can use to hook multiple ones to a Pi.


As for the IMX708 sensor the official V3 cameras use, we made variants that are fixed-focus for those who don't want the autofocus function (drone/UAV/etc. applications).
we turned them into standard USB interfaces for builders to use them on boards other than Pi, we make a quad-camera kit so four of them can work in perfect synchronization for robotic applications, and if you want wider FOVs with fisheye lenses, we got that too.

In short, our V3 series expands the camera V3 from four to four options!


Image Sensor IMX708
Resolution 11.9MP
Optical Size 1/2.43(7.4mm sensor diagonal)
Number of effective pixels 4608(H) × 2592(V)
Pixel Size 1.4μm × 1.4μm
Interface MIPI CSI-2 Interface
Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
Color Filter Color
Common Video Mode 1080p50, 720p100, 480p120
Output Format RAW10

Arducam IMX708 Camera Series

Product Image SKU Resolution Sensor Interface Features Focus Type Focus Distance Field of View(DxHxV) IR Sensitivity
B0440 12MP IMX708 MIPI CSI-2 Quad-Camera Kit Autofocus 10cm-infinite 75°(D)x66°(H)x41°(V) Integral IR-cut Filter
B0306 12MP IMX708 MIPI CSI-2 Camera Case Autofocus 10cm-infinite 75°(D)x66°(H)x41°(V) Integral IR-cut Filter
B0307 12MP IMX708 MIPI CSI-2 Wide Angle Autofocus 5cm-infinite 120°(D)x102°(H)x67°(V) Integral IR-cut Filter
B0304 12MP IMX708 USB2.0 UVC Camera Fixed-Focus 10cm-infinite 75°(D)x66°(H)x41°(V) Integral IR-cut Filter
B0305 12MP IMX708 USB2.0 Wide Angle UVC Fixed-Focus 5cm-infinite 120°(D)x102°(H)x67°(V) Integral IR-cut Filter
B0308 12MP IMX708 MIPI CSI-2 Mini Size Fixed-Focus 0-infinite 75°(D)x66°(H)x41°(V) Integral IR-cut Filter
B0309 12MP IMX708 MIPI CSI-2 Wide Angle Fixed-Focus 0-infinite 120°(D)x102°(H)x67°(V) Integral IR-cut Filter

Arducam IMX708 Accessory List

Standard Ribbon Cables in Varying Lengths

SKU: B0177

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Cable for Pi Zero Boards

SKU: B0210

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HDMI Camera Extension Kit

SKU: B0091

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Pan-Tilt Kit

SKU: B0283

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Get Two Cameras Work Seqyencially

SKU: B016601

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Get Four Cameras Work Seqyencially

SKU: B012001

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Camera Sensor Extension Cable

SKU: B0439

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Quick Start


Hardware Connection for Raspberry Pi 4B / Pi Zero


For the hardware connection of IMX708 Quad-Camera Kit, please refer to:
Raspberry Pi Multi-Camera Kit Hardware Connection Guide



  1. Please make sure you are running the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS. (January 28th,2022 or later releases, Debian version:11(Bullseye)). You need to update the config file and use libcamera apps.
  2. The official IMX708 Camera Module 3 can be used on Raspberry Pi directly(B0306, B0307). Arducam Camera Module 3 will need some modification on configuration, please refer to the following content:

For Raspberry Bullseye users running on Pi 4, please do the following:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt 
#Find the line: camera_auto_detect=1, update it to:
#Save and reboot.

For Bullseye users running on Pi 0 ~ 3, please also: 

Open a terminal 
Run sudo raspi-config
Navigate to Advanced Options 
Enable Glamor graphic acceleration 
Reboot your Pi

If you encounter the display issues, please also execute the following steps:

Open a terminal
Run sudo raspi-config
Navigate to Advanced Options
Navigate to GL Driver
Select GL (Full KMS)
Reboot your Pi

For Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3/4

The latest software only supports one camera at this time, CM4 uses CAM1 by default.


For the user guide of IMX708 UVC Camera, you can check the following link for more details: