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Arducam Lens Part Number Naming Convention

Here is a sample of our lens part number.

Arducam lens naming convention 100Arducam lens PN sample: M27280M07S

This lens is one of our low distortion series, and it has a 70-degree horizontal field of view on 1/4″ image sensor. Now we can break it down a bit:

  • M** indicates that it is an M12 Mount Lens. Here we’ll get C* for C-Mount and CS* for CS-Mount.
  • 27** indicates that the optical format of this lens is Type 1/2.7″, and as 27 is 10 times of 2.7, you will get 40** for Type 1/4″.
  • 280** indicates that the focal length of this lens is 2.8mm. However, a longer focal length will require more than 3 digits, so we will use Z** for another 100 times. For Example, 16Z equals 1600, so it represents a 16mm focal length. If we’ve got an 100mm focal length, we need 10000, so 1ZZ here.
  • M** indicates that the default height of the lens holder it’s tested to work with is Middle (around 7mm). The other two attributes are Short (5mm and shorter) and High (around 13mm), so we may also see S* and H*.
  • *07* indicates that it’s horizontal Field of View on the default sensor is 70 degrees. This degree is divided by 10 so for a 220-degree lens, it’s 22. So, how do we know what’s the default sensor? Most lenses are tested on 1.4″ image sensor by default to match RPi V1 and V2 cameras. On the other hand, some lenses are tested on 1/2.3″ image sensor like the IMX477 of RPi HQ Camera, which will usually come with a M12 to CS-Mount adapter.
  • *S* indicates that this lens is a low distortion lens. This section of the part number is optional, so there would be no digits here if it’s not a low distortion lens.