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Multi-Camera CamArray


More than one camera running on a single platform sounds not that hard. When it comes to multiple cameras working literally 'simultaneously' on one single RPi or Jetson, however, Arducam hardware is still the only capable solution so far.

To achieve such an accomplishment today, we have made substantial breakthroughs over years, from camera multiplexing to quad-camera synchronization: multi-cam adapter board, synchronized stereo camera HAT, and Camarray.

Arducam Multi-cam adapter board met the primary demands of more than one camera shooting from different angles of view, enabling users to connect up to 4 cameras to a single Pi board.

However, it only activates one camera at a time, and you have to switch between them. Arducam then released a stereo camera HAT for Raspberry Pi which allows you to connect two 5MP OV5647 or two 8MP IMX219 Pi cameras to a single standard Pi board and takes images or video at the same time. More importantly, this binocular solution makes both cameras fully synchronized.

Then came the Camarray. Camarray is Arducam’s latest multi-camera solutions for Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Xavier NX, and more, consisting of both hardware and software solutions. The core hardware solution breaks the limits of physical camera connectors and allows for the connection of up to 4 same MIPI cameras. The software solution makes it possible to completely display and capture video feeds from all the cameras connected, or even support image sensors that are not natively supported by the official drivers.

The leading actor today – the Arducam quad camera bundle kit – represents the most updated Camarray solutions that further pushes the multi-camera limits and doubles the interfacing capabilities to allow 4 synchronized MIPI camera modules to be interfaced to a single MIPI CSI-2 slot.

Besides, customization of multiple camera solutions is always open to you.


Product Image SKU Sensor Resolution Pin/Connect Type Features Lens Type Field of View(HxV) Focus Type IR Sensitivity
B0263 OV9281 1MP 15/Bottom Mono Global Shutter Stereo Camera M12 70°(H) x 43.75°(V) Manual Focus without IR-cut filter
B0264 OV2311 2MP M12 83°(H) x 67.5°(V)
B0350 IMX219 8MP 15/Bottom 360° Stereo Camera M12 220°(H) x 166°(V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0347R IMX477 12MP Stereo Camera M12 75°(H) x 56°(V)
B0331 OV9782 1MP Color Global Shutter Quad Camera M12 75°(H) x 46.8°(V) without IR-cut filter
B0396 IMX219 8MP Quad Camera Stock Lens 62.2° (H) x 48.8(V) Fixed Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0388 IMX519 16MP Stock Lens 66°(H) x 49.5°(V) Motorized Focus
B0402 64MP 64MP Stock Lens 72°(H) x 54.6°(V)
B0266 OV9281 1MP 15/Bottom Mono Global Shutter Stereo Camera M12 70°(H) x 43.75°(V) Manual Focus without IR-cut filter
B0267 75°(H) x 46.8°(V)
B0265R IMX477 12MP 15/Bottom Stereo Camera CS 65°(H) x  48.7°(V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0397 Quad Camera M12 75°(H) x 56°(V)


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