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General Introduction

Arducam team is committed to creating more and more convenient and efficient camera solutions. At present, Arducam team has released a large number of embedded cameras compatible with multi-platforms, and has made many expansions on this basis(Multi-Camera, Autofocus, PTZ, etc.).

Some customers may always lament that the camera cable is too short when using the camera on some specific conditions. For some medium and long-distance projects, you may only be in the dust and headache. However, Arducam makes you no longer need to worry.

Based on the embedded camera, we have made many extension solutions, including Ethernet Cable Extension solution, CSI-HDMI Extension solution, MIPI CSI-2 Cable extension solution, Sensor Extension Cable solution and we will launch more varieties in the future.

Typical Extension

Product Page

With the Extension Cables used for the camera module, you don’t have to live with the stock short cables.


You can refer to the following link to choose the extension cable for your long distance project:
Arducam Camera Extension Solution for embeded cameras