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High Resolution Camera

General Introduction

High-resolution cameras output denser image quality with more pixels per inch (PPI), so as to create high-quality crisp images. In practice, the resolution of images produced by high-resolution cameras should be above 8 megapixels.

It is not news to see high-resolution images on your smartphone or from DSLR photos. But when it comes to the Raspberry Pi camera, the story is more impressive. Especially when Arducam sped up on its way of breaking the resolution limits, bringing higher and higher resolution items while keeping the same form factor, same software (libcamera) and same camera control to make things easy.

Starting from a recognized alternative, the 12MP IMX477 HQ camera module, Arducam has contributed a series of high-resolution camera modules to the field. The later milestone was a 16MP auto-focus camera, which takes what Raspberry Pi V1, V2 and HQ have to offer and excels in every single aspect.

With a resolution of 16 megapixels, an auto-focus lens, a V2-like form factor and boatloads of improvements, the camera provides a better choice for a whole world of industrial/consumer/etc. applications. It is compatible with any existing Pi model, works with the latest software from the foundation, and leverages the same tuning algorithms used in the official camera modules.

The debut of 'Hawk-eye', the Arducam 64MP ultra high-resolution camera, evidenced how we put the platform years ahead of its game. Now the resolution reached a breathtaking level: 9152 x 6944. And that's surely not the only highlight. It is up to 10x digital zoom. Think about it, you open a preview window on a Raspberry Pi, zoom in for a super close-up view, move up/down/left/right (ePTZ) to pick anything, set/adjust the focus, and then take a photo. In other words, it is something that's knocking at the door of the future.

Last, and not least, all these past and yet-to-come high-resolution cameras will be brought in front of you at an affordable cost. Let's quote the original intention of why Raspberry Pi was made: to eliminate barriers and to make technology affordable for all.

Selection Guide

Product Image SKU Sensor Resolution Pin/Connect Type Features Lens Type Field of View(H x V) Focus Type IR Sensitivity
B0240 IMX477 12MP 22/Top CS Mount CS Lens 65° (H) x 51° (V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B024001 / / /
B0270 Day and Night Vision 65° (H) x 49° (V) Manual Focus Motorized IR-cut filter
B0241 HDMI Extension Kit 650nm IR-cut filter
B0272 Motorized Focus M12 Lens 75° (H) x 56° (V) Motorized Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0262 22/Top Mini Size M12 Lens 75° (H) x 56° (V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0271 22/NA
B0303R 22/Top Wide Angle Stock Lens 95° (H) x 72° (V) Fixed Focus
B0167B12 15pin/22pin Pan-Tilt-Zoom Kit Zoom Lens (96~33)°(H) x (72~24)°(V) Motorized Focus Motorized IR-cut filter
B0406 IMX378 12MP 22/Top Wide Angle Stock Lens 95°(H) x 72°(V) Fixed Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0412 High Resolution 65°(H) x 49°(V)
Image B0386 IMX519 16MP 15/Top MIni Size Stock Lens 66°(H) x 49.5°(V) Fixed Focus without IR-cut filter
Image B0371 15/Bottom High Resolution AutoFocus 650nm IR cut filter
Image B0389 15/NA Miniature Camera 65°(H) x 48.8°(V) Fixed Focus without IR-cut filter
B0391 22/NA
Image B0367 AR1820HS 18MP 22/Top High Resolution M12 Lens 75°(H) x 56°(V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
Image B0324 IMX230 21MP 22/Top High Resolution Stock Lens 64°(H) x 48°(V) Autofocus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0399 64MP 64MP 15/Bottom High Resolution Stock Lens 72°(H) x 54.6°(V) Autofocus 650nm IR cut filter
B0399B0091 HDMI Extension Kit
B0399U6248 Ethernet Extension Kit
B0399B0283 Pan-Tilt Kit
B0483 64MP OV64A40 15/Bottom Ultra High Resolution Stock Lens 84°(D)×68°(H)×56°(V) Autofocus 650nm IR cut filter


Native Cameras

For Native cameras, please refer to the official Raspberry Pi documentation: Doc

Native Camera Board list:

Resolution Camera Module
12MP imx477
12MP imx378
12MP 477m
12MP imx708
15MP imx519
64MP 64MP Hawkeye
64MP 64MP OwlSight

IMX378/imx477/imx519/64MP-Hawkeye Cameras

Please refer to the following doc for more details about quick start guide:

Quick Start Guide for Raspberry Pi Native camera modules

imx708 camera module

Please refer to the following doc for more details about quick start guide:

Quick Start Guide for Arducam 12MP IMX708 Camera Module

64MP OwlSight camera module

Please refer to the following doc for more details about quick start guide:

Quick Start Guide for Arducam 64MP OwlSight OV64A40 Camera Module

Pivariety Cameras

For the AR1820HS/IMX230, you can refer to the following information:

AR1820HS/IMX230 camera list:

Resolution Camera Module
18MP AR1820HS
21MP IMX230

You can refer to the following documentation to install the driver and access the camera:

Arducam Pivariety Camera- Quick Start Guide