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General Introduction

Arducam V3Link camera solution is developed and designed for high-speed data transfer with multi-camera connected. Arducam consistently collaborates with Texas Instrument’s engineering team to provide you with the most adaptable, on-demand V3Link camera systems for various industrial applications.

Arducam has created a versatile and cost-effective camera solution based on TI V3Link SerDes. We have adapted several Arducam camera series on TI Development Board. Towards the uprising range of adaption, we have achieved the camera solution adaption on Raspberry Pi currently. Breaking free from camera bundles, we opted for a radically different camera solution which is flexible and adaptable.

More Details

If you require to know more information about TI V3Link, you can refer to the following page:
V3Link camera solution on TI Platform

The FPD-Link III interface, initially crafted for ADAS, security cameras, industrial systems, and medical imaging, elevates the V3Link Camera Kit’s reliability.

Facilitating high-bandwidth data transfer, FPD-Link III ensures efficiency in various applications requiring sturdy and long-range connectivity. Choose Arducam for a camera kit that combines cutting-edge technology with adaptability for a broad spectrum of vision projects.


Note: the specifications listed in the below table are only of the camera adapter board and V3Link adapter board.(The camera specs are not included)

Arducam V3Link adapter board
Extension Range < 1m to 10m
Number of Supported Sensors Up to 2 sensors
Data Transfer Protocol MIPI CSI-2 v1.3
MIPI Port Type 2 x MIPI CSI-2 Output Ports
I2C Rate Dual I2C Ports, up to 1 Mbps
Transmission Cable FPD Link(Power over-Coax (PoC))
Arducam V3Link camera adapter board
Power Supply Single 1.8V
Connector MIPI CSI-2
MIPI Lane 2-Lane
Transmission Cable Power-over-Coax (PoC) compatible transceiver
Power Consumption Low (0.28 W typical) power consumption
Operating Temperature –20℃ to +85℃


  • V3Link Adapter Board (Connected to Pi)

  • V3Link Camera Adapter Board (connected to camera)

Supported Sensors


Currently, we've only release the V3Link camera extension solution for Arducam IMX219 camera series. The subsequent adaptation and development processes for other cameras will continue to be updated.

Sensor Resolution Sensor Brand


Product Image SKU Resolution Sensor Extension Cable Extension Range Focus Type Field of View(DxHxV) IR Sensitivity Peking Current
B0491 8MP IMX219 FPD Link Coax Cable 0-10m Fixed Focus 62.2°(H)×48.8°(V) Integral IR-cut Filter 300mA

Quick Start Guide