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12MP IMX378


Based on Sony’s IMX378 high-quality image sensor, Arducam IMX378 camera module is a ready-to-use embedded vision solution for the Raspberry Pi family. With a resolution of 12.3MP and a V2-like form factor, it is compatible with any existing Pi models and works with the latest software from the foundation. It can be widely used in machine vision systems and outdoor applications.

Image Sensor

Sensor Model IMX378
Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
IR Sensitivity Bulit in 650nm IR-cut filter, Visible light only
Active Pixels 4056×3040
Resolution 12.3 MP
Image Sensor Format 1/2.3″
Pixel Size 1.55μm×1.55μm
Video Modes on Raspberry Pi RAW10: 1332×990@120fps; RAW12: 2028×1080@50fps, 2028×1520@40fps, 4056×3040@10fps
Color Filter Array Quad-Bayer RGB
Output Format RAW10/RAW12


Product Image SKU Pin/Connect Type Features Lens Type Field of View(D/H/V) Focus Type IR Sensitivity
B0406 22/TOP Wide Angle Stock Lens 95°(H) x 72° (V) Fixed Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0412 High Resolution 65°(H) x 48.8° (V)

Hardware Connection

For Raspberry Pi 4B and 3B(3B+)


For Raspberry Pi CM3/CM4


For Raspberry Pi Zero



At present, we support using libcamera and raspistill to capture images with IMX378 camera, please refer to the following messages:

Modify the confix.txt file

sudo vi /boot/config.txt

Add dtoverlay=imx378 to the end line


Using libcamera to access the camera

The Raspberry Pi Bullseye system support using libcamera to capture images. Please make sure you have downloaded the official Bullseye as follows:

-Raspberry Pi Bullseye

List all cameras:

libcamera-still --list-cameras

Open a preview window:

libcamera-still -t 0

Save a jpg file in your pi after 5s preview:

libcamera-still -t 5000 -o test.jpg
LO; For more commands for using libcaemra, please refer to Github-libcamera apps

Using raspistill to access the camera

The raspberry pi Bullseye system support using raspistill command to capture image too, you need to run the raspi-config to enable legacy, please see the following:

  • Run raspi-config

Open your terminal and input sudo rapi-config

sudo raspi-config
  • Move to interface option


  • Enable the legacy



  • Save and reboot
sudo reboot
  • Detect the camera
vcgencmd get_camera

If the camera is detected, the output will be the follows:


  • Run the camera


raspistill -t 0

Save a file:

raspistill -t -5000 -o test.jpg

For more usage of raspistill or previous command, please refer to the following messages:

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi