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General Introduction


The Arducam team invented the world’s first high resolution SPI camera solution for Arduino in 2012. Since then, the ArduCam SPI cameras fill the gaps missing in the Arduino camera community. These SPI cameras are general-purpose solutions, not limited to the Arduino platform, but can be used on any hardware platforms that have the SPI and I2C interfaces. Thanks to the flexibility of the SPI bus, it extends the usefulness of the SPI camera – it allows users to add multiple cameras to a single micro controller and take photos simultaneously.

Most of our cameras are used for IoT personal projects – some send pets images to their twitter account at periodic intervals, others install camera modules to their battery powered device for wildlife photography (even adding more cameras to one controller to take images from different angles). One of our customers says No news is good news, I don’t think so … – he really believes what he sees is accurate (and safe); in this case, our cameras makes video security possible with a very low-end micro-controller.

Arducam SPI Camera

Due to the SPI bandwidth and micro-controller processing power limitation, there are some limitations. The cameras are basically designed for still images, but they also support short video clip recordings for few seconds based on the on-board big frame buffer. The image sensor full resolution frame rate is fairly low, so to prevent blurring, the camera must be held still when taking an image, and not of a fast-moving scene.

In addition to the Arduino platform, the Arducam SPI cameras can be used with any processor, such as MCU,ARM,DSP or FPGA etc. We also ported this camera for use on the ESP8266 and ESP32 platforms. Our customers use them with Cortex-M series ARM, TI MSP430, and Altera/Xilinx FPGA as well. Even big customers build their products based on our Arducam Chip solution and reference design. We really hope you can share your stories with us.

For higher resolution and frame rate camera, you can check ArduCam Raspberry Pi camera or USB camera solutions.

Simple Demo

Arducam SPI

Following is the quick video tutorial for ArduCam shield products.


Arducam Mini 2MP SPI Camera Module for Arduino Tutorial
Arduino Multi-Camera Demo Video
Arducam Shield V2 Arduino Camera Demo Tutorial 2018
ArduCAM Curie Neuron Kit Demo 2017
ArduCAM time elapse camera demo
ArduCAM Shield Demo (Arduino Mega2560 R3 + Bluetooth + OV2640 2MP Camera Module)
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