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16MP IMX298


Arducam IMX298 camera breakout incorporates SONY 1/2.8−inch CMOS which adopts Exmor-R technology to achieve high-speed image capturing with high sensitivity and low noise performance. “RGBW coding” color filter is employed, and RGB primary color mosaic is reproduced on the chip. High sensitivity, low dark current, and smear-free features are achieved. It equips an electronic shutter with variable integration time.

Arducam developed a special camera driver for Raspberry Pi, which lets you can capture 16MP still image and 1080p video on your existing Pi board.

Image Sensor

Image Sensor 16MP IMX298
Max. Resolution 4656H×3496V
Pixel Size 1.12um×1.12um
Optical Format 1/2.8”
Lens Spec Focal length: 4.04mm, F.NO: 2.0±5%, FOV: horizontal 62deg
IR Sensitivity Integral IR filter, visible light only
Focus Type Motorized focus, programmable focus control
Frame Rate 4640×3472@10fps,
Sensor Output Format RAW10
ISP Output Format The output image format of JPG, YUV420, RAW, DNG The output video format of MJPEG, H.264
Interface Type 2-Lane MIPI
Board Size 40mm×40mm

At Arducam

Since the release of IMX298, we have designed several versions with different features according to different needs: IR-CUT, Motorized Focus, PT&PTZ , M12/CS .


Arducam 5MP OV5647 Motorized IR-CUT Camera Modules are designed for both daylight and night vision photography. The motorized IR cut filter can be switched ON/OFF automatically, and the infrared LEDs are automatically ON/OFF according to the light environment. The cameras in this serial are fully supported by all the Raspberry Pi board versions including Pi 4, Pi 3 and Pi Zero. They can be widely used in wildlife photography, agriculture NDVI applications and etc.

Motorized Focus

Arducam 5MP OV5647 Motorized Focus Camera Modules are designed for you to control the focus via software, so you can see closer and see where you want to see.


Arducam PT camera can move in two dimensions with 180 degrees horizontal and 145 degrees vertical movements. So it can be used to monitor places that should be covered by multiple ones commonly in the surveillance system.

Arducam PTZ cameras are the complete solution to turn your Raspberry Pi cameras into a fully functional surveillance camera that covers 360 degrees space. With the software autofocus function, you can clearly focus on your target when zooming. The IRCUT control also helps both the daylight and night vision.