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Arducam Pivariety is a Raspberry Pi camera solution to take the advantage of using its hardware ISP functions. Using Arducam Pivariety camera modules, users can get better performance and a wider variety of camera, lens options. For a long time, Raspberry Pi users are limited to use the closed-source official supported camera driver and camera modules (V1/V2/HQ). Now Arducam made it possible to provide well-tuned ISP for Pivariety camera modules with Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance, Auto Gain Control, Lens Shading Correction, etc.

The AR1820HS is an 18 megapixel, 1/2.3-inch format, 1.25 um pixel sensor using ON Semiconductor’s A-PixHS™ BSI technology. With a variety of operating modes, the AR1820HS can dynamically optimize resolution, low-light and frame rate for environmental conditions. For example, the camera could run in full 18 megapixel resolution at 24 fps under high-light conditions, and switch to a 2:1 summing and 2:1 binning at 1080p 60 frames-per-second mode for superb low-light performance under darker conditions. With high resolution and frame rates, and a variety of flexible modes, the AR1820HS sensor is excellent for many applications such as surveillance, sports cameras and mobile handsets.

Image Sensor

Image Sensor AR1820hs
Optical format 1/2.3inch (4:3)
Active pixels 4912H x 3684V
Resolution 18MP
Pixel size 1.25um x 1.25um
Color filter array RGB Bayer pattern
ADC resolution 12−bit, on−chip
Responsivity 0.62 V/lux−sec (545 nm)
Dynamic range 65.8 dB
SNRMAX 36.3 dB
Output Interface 4-Lane MIPI
Frame Rate 4:3 – 18 Mp full resolution at 15 fps (MIPI-4L)
16:9 – 14 Mp at 20 fps (MIPI-4L)
16:9 – 8 Mp at 30 fps (MIPI-4L)
16:9 – Full HD + 27.5%EIS at 60 fps
16:9 – Full HD at 120 fps
Shutter Type Rolling Shutter

Detailed parameters

Product Image SKU Pin/Connect Type Features Lens Type Field of View (HxV) Focus Type IR Sensitivity
B0367 22/Top High Resolution M12 75°(H) x 56.2°(V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter


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