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16MP IMX519


Based on the 16MP Sony IMX519 sensor, Arducam released a series of 16MP cameras for Raspberry Pi. With 2 times higher resolution than the V2 camera, and 40% higher than the HQ camera, they are better choices for a whole world of industrial/consumer/etc. applications. They can work with the latest software from the foundation and leverages the same tuning algorithms used in the official camera modules.

Image Sensor

Sensor Model IMX519
Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
Active Pixels 4656 (H) × 3496 (V)
Resolution 16MP
Image Sensor Format Type 1/2.53″
Pixel Size 1.22μm×1.22μm
CSI-2 Data Output 2-lane mode
Data Format RAW10/8, COMP8

Motorized Focus

Arducam 16MP IMX519 Motorized Focus Camera Modules are designed for you to control the focus via software, so you can see closer and see where you want to see.

Detailed parameters

Product Image SKU Pin/Connect Type Features Lens Type Field of View(D/H/V) Focus Type IR Sensitivity
Image B0386 15/Top MIni Size Stock Lens 66°(H) x 49.5°(V) Fixed Focus without IR-cut filter
Image B0371 15/Bottom High Resolution AutoFocus 650nm IR cut filter
Image B0389 15/NA Miniature Camera 65°(H) x 48.8°(V) Fixed Focus without IR-cut filter
B0391 22/NA
Image B0449 15/Top Wide Angle M12 Lens 140°(D)×120°(H)×95°(V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter


Quick Start

PADF Guide for IMX519 Autofocus Camera