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8MP IMX219


IMX219 is a 1/4″ 8MP MIPI CSI-2 image sensor, it was adopted by the Raspberry pi V2 camera module back in 2016. Now the IMX219 camera is natively supported by the Jetson Nano and Xavier NX out of the box.

Image Sensor

Sensor Model IMX219
Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
Active Pixels 3280 (H) × 2464 (V)
Resolution 8MP
Image Sensor Format Type 1/4″
Pixel Size 1.12μm×1.12μm
CSI-2 Data Output 2-lane mode
Data Format Raw Bayer 10bit

Release Time

In 2016, the V2 camera (8MP IMX219) was out with upgrades in resolution and image quality.

At Arducam

Arducam made a lot of variation of this camera to address different use-cases for Jetson fans, we have designed several versions with different features according to different needs: Motorized Focus, PT&PTZ , M12/CS.

Motorized Focus

Arducam 8MP IMX219 Motorized Focus Camera Modules are designed for you to control the focus via software, so you can see closer and see where you want to see.


Arducam PT camera can move in two dimensions with 180 degrees horizontal and 145 degrees vertical movements. So it can be used to monitor places that should be covered by multiple ones commonly in the surveillance system.

Detailed parameters

Product Image SKU Pin/Connect Type Features Lens Type Field of View(H x V) Focus Type IR Sensitivity
B0180 15/NA Wide Angle M12 145°(H) x 77°(V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0194 155°(H) x 115(V) without IR-cut filter
B0188 Low Distortion 75°(H) x 56°(V)
B0286 Fisheye Lens 220°(H) x 195°(V) 650nm IR-cut filter
B0182 Motorized Focus Stock Lens 65°(H) x 51°(V) Motorized Focus
B0190 without IR-cut filter
B0179 15/bottom Wide Angle M12 155°(H) x 115°(V) Fixed Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0342 Mini Size 110°(H) x 97°(V) Manual Focus
B0193 Wide Angle 155°(H) x 115°(V) without IR-cut filter
B0183 Low Distortion 75°(H) x 56°(V) 650nm IR-cut filter
B0187 without IR-cut filter
B0287 Wider Angle 220°(H) x 195°(V) 650nm IR-cut filter
Image B0189 8MP Autofocus Stock Lens 65°(H) x 51°(V) Motorized Focus without IR-cut filter
B0191 Official Size 62.2°(H) x 48.8°(V) Fixed Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0181 8MP Autofocus 65°(H) x 51°(V) Motorized Focus
Image B0185 15/NA Miniature Camera Stock Lens 49°(H) x 37°(V) Fixed Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B01678MP 15/Bottom Pan-Tilt-Zoom Kit CS H(67°~18°),V(49°~13°) Motorized Focus Motorized IR-CUT Filter