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UVC Cameras on Windows



The following set is for Windows. – If used with the Android device, a USB Camera APP and a connect adapter (OTG adapter) is needed. – For Mac OS, please open the native software facetime and select the video camera that is different from the one you’ve already had.

Hardware Setup

Connect the one end of the USB 2.0 cable to the USB 2.0 connector provided on the back of the UVC Camera module, and connect the other end to the USB 2.0 host controller on the computer.

Software Setup

  • AMCap

AMCap is a camera application for USB UVC Camera Module which supports MJPG and YUV format image. You can Download the UVC USB Camera test application AMCap.exe here from Arducam:

AMCap for Arducam USB UVC Camera.

Or you can also google AMcap to download the application from a site you trust.

  • H264 Software

AMCap only support MJPG and YUV format image output. If you need H.264 format data, you can download the App here:

H264 Software for Arducam USB UVC Camera

First Use


The following tutorial features an 8MP UVC camera Arducam B0197. Other models might show differently.

1. Getting to know the menu bar

The Menu bar at the top of the shown image contains a few menu items and the current preview resolution and the frame rate are displayed on the bottom bar when the application is running. We will first be using the Devices and Options tab.

2. Select this camera

In Devices

This menu will show the available video devices to host PC. The B0197 named “TTQ 8MP Camera”. This camera support capturing audio, so the menu shows the “TTQ Audio Device”.

arducam uvc usb camera select devices

3. Preview the image feed

In OptionsPreview

The options menu can be used to select the preview and audio and image parameters supported by this camera.

arducam uvc usb camera preview images

4. Toggle the capture parameters

In OptionsVideo Capture Filter

arducam uvc usb camera video capture filter video proc amp

arducam uvc usb camera video capture filter camera control

In OptionsVideo Capture Pin

arducam uvc usb camera video capture pin MJPGMJPG

arducam uvc usb camera video capture pin YUV2YUV

5. Capture the Image Feed

In CaptureStart Capture

The capture menu is used to capture the still image and video by using this application. You can also select the related parameters.


If you want to get the voice from the microphone, you need to check the option Capture Audio before capturing the video.

arducam uvc usb camera start capture