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High Resolution Camera


A camera with a static resolution higher than 8MP is called a High Resolution Camera.

High-resolution cameras output denser image quality with more pixels per inch (PPI), so as to create high-quality crisp images. In practice, the resolution of images produced by high-resolution cameras should be above 8 megapixels.

It is not news to see high-resolution images on your smartphone or from DSLR photos. But when it comes to the Nvidia Jetson camera, the story is more impressive. Especially when Arducam sped up on its way of breaking the resolution limits, bringing higher and higher resolution items.


Product Image SKU Sensor Resolution Pin/Connect Type Features Lens Type Field of View(H x V) Focus Type IR Sensitivity
B0251 IMX477 12MP 22/Top Mini Size M12 Lens 75° (H) x 56° (V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0279 High Resolution / /
B0249 CS Mount CS Lens 75° (H) x 56° (V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0273 High Resolution M12 Lens Motorized Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0274 Day and Night Vision CS Lens 65° (H) x 49° (V) Manual Focus Motorized IR-cut filter
B0250 15/Bottom HDMI Extension Kit CS Lens 65° (H) x 48.8° (V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
B0167B12 15pin/22pin Pan-Tilt-Zoom Kit Zoom Lens (96~33)°(H) x (72~24)°(V) Motorized Focus Motorized IR-cut filter
B0303N 22/Top Wide Angle Stock Lens 95° (H) x 72° (V) Fixed Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
Image B0371 IMX519 16MP 15/Bottom MIni Size Stock Lens 66°(H) x 49.5°(V) Autofocus 650nm IR-cut filter
Image B0214(Discontinued) IMX298 16MP 22/Top High Resolution Stock Lens 60°(H) x 45°(V) Motorized Focus 650nm IR cut filter
Image B0323(Discontinued) 62°(H) x 46°(V)
Image B0367 AR1820HS 18MP 22/Top High Resolution M12 Lens 75°(H) x 56°(V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter
Image B0324 IMX230 21MP 22/Top High Resolution Stock Lens 64°(H) x 48°(V) Autofocus 650nm IR-cut filter


  • Locate the camera connector (CSI). It’s on the side of the carrier board, opposite to the GPIO pins.

  • Pull up on the plastic edges of the camera port. Do it gently to avoid pulling it off.

plastic edges pulled up jetson nano camera connector csi

  • Push in the camera ribbon. Make sure the contacts are facing the heatsinks. Do not bend the flex cable, and make sure it’s firmly inserted into the bottom of the connector.

white camera ribbon cable contactsRibbon Cable Contacts – 15pin-15pin

white cable silver contacts facing heatsinksSilver Contacts facing inside to the heatsinks

white cable silver ribbon cable inserted into the bottom of the connectorRibbon cable fully inserted to the bottom of the CSI connector

  • Push the plastic connector down. Do it while holding the flex cable until the connector is back in place.


For Native Cameras:

The following sensors are Natively Supported by Nvidia Jetson:

Sensor Resolution
IMX219 8MP
IMX477 12MP
IMX519 16MP

You can refer to the following page for the detailed information of the quick start:


For Jetvariety Cameras:

The following sensors are Arducam Jetvariety Cameras:

Sensor Resolution
IMX298 16MP
AR1820HS 18MP
IMX230 21MP

For Jetvariety Cameras, you can refer to the following doc: