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Getting Started: Arducam ToF Camera & CSI-to-LAN Kit – for Raspberry Pi

Arducam ToF cam & csi-to-lan kit for pi

This is a guide specially prepared for the package consisting of an Arducam ToF Camera and the CSI-to-LAN Kit.

About CSI-to-LAN Kit

A cable extension kit converts high-speed MIPI CSI-2 interface into LAN connection so you can put your ToF camera up to 15 meters away from your Raspberry Pi. No extra software or configuration is needed.


To use the cable extension kit, you need to first verify if the ToF camera you choose works properly.

How to Use

Check items against the packing list

Items included in the package:

  • 1 x Arducam ToF Camera
  • 1 x CSI-to-LAN Kit (containing the following parts)
  • 1 x Tx Board
  • 1 x Rx Board
  • 1 x 1-Meter CAT5E LAN Cable
  • 2 x Ribbon Flex Cable
  • Screws & Nuts (6xM2.55 Screw, 3xM2.511 Hex Spacer, 4xM24 Screw, 4xM2 Hex Nut, 4xM27 Hex Spacer)


Please ignore screws, nuts and spacers for Tx board while connecting. These are NOT suitable for ToF camera size.

Connecting the power cable and extension cable to the camera and your Raspberry Pi


Turn off your Raspberry Pi and disconnect the power supply before connecting.


Using the Camera

Power your Raspberry Pi on.

Follow each of the steps by running their respective command shown below.

Step 1. Pull the repository.

git clone

Step 2. Change the directory to Arducam_tof_camera

cd Arducam_tof_camera

Step 3. *Installation (Driver, Dependencies, SDK, OpenCV)*


When you see the reboot prompt, enter y. Raspberry Pi will automatically reboot.

Step 4. Compile & run


Once it’s successfully compiled, live camera previews will automatically pop up.