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General Introduction

Introduction of Renesas-AVNET RZBoard V2L

RZBoard V2L is a power efficient, vision-AI accelerated development board in popular single board computer format with well supported expansion interfaces. This Renesas RZ/V2L processor-based platform is ideal for development of cost-efficient Vision-AI and a range of energy-efficient Edge AI applications.

Introduction of the on-chip AI Accelerator: DRP-AI

In the midst of the rapid evolution of AI, Renesas developed the AI accelerator (DRP-AI) and the software (DRP-AI translator) that delivers both high performance and low power consumption, and have the ability to respond to evolution. Combining the DRP-AI and the DRP-AI translator makes AI inference possible with high power efficiency, which the current AI technology is unable to support.


Product Image SKU Resolution Active Pixels Interface Features Focus Type Focus Distance Field of View(DxHxV) IR Sensitivity
B0470 5MP 2592×1944 MIPI CSI-2 Tiny Size Fixed Focus 10cm-infinite 84°(D)x66°(H)x42°(V) Integral IR-cut Filter


Quick Start Guide for Cameras on Renesas RZ/V2L Board