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Camera Models

Arducam Shield Series

The SPI cameras divided into different models. We call this SPI camera "Arducam shield series", although it is a little bit confusing with other Arducam camera products with the same "shield" in the product name. Because it is the first Arducam product since 2012, the name was inherited after that.

The cameras have been upgraded for several revisions, the lastest camera is Arducam shield V2, Arducam shield mini 2MP plus and Arducam shield mini 5MP.

The difference between the Arducam shield and Arducam shield mini is that the former one is general purpose camera shield with or without LCD screen support which can connect different parallel camera modules for evaluation, and well mate with Arduino UNO like form of factor boards.

Arducam Shield Mini

The Arducam shield mini is the reduced size version from the big Arducam shield, it includes the image sensor and removed the LCD, making it more compact for Arduino projects.








You can find all these models from the product page.