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General Introduction

Designed specifically for Rock 5A and 5B, Arducam Team has designed some camera modules that offer wide compatibility and seamless integration into the ecosystem of RADXA. Arducam has provided the necessary driver, requiring only a simple installation process to get started.


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This user-friendly setup makes it easy even for those with minimal technical expertise to install and use the camera efficiently. With its blend of high-quality imaging, high resolution, compact design, and ease of use,etc., Arducam Camera Modules are the top-tier choice for anyone looking to enhance their Rock-based projects.


Product Image SKU Still Resolution Sensor Lens Mount Focus Type Default Focus Distance Field of View(HxV) IR Sensitivity Power Requirements Supported Platform
B0517 12.3MP IMX477P M12 S-mount Manual Focus 0.3m-INF 88°(D)×75°(H)×60°(V) Integral IR-cut filter Max: 300mA Rock 5A, 5B/td>
B0518 16MP IMX519 Stock Lens Motorized Focus 10cm-INF 80°(D)×67°(H)×53°(V) Integral IR-cut filter Max: 300mA Rock 5A, 5B/td>