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Quick Start Guide on Windows


Package Including

Finished Assemble


The Tripod displayed in the picture is not included in the package. If you need the tripod, please check UB0224 and UB0216 for additional purchase.


Download Source Code

Please download the following file to the working directory(the example directory below is the desktop) and unzip it directly.

git clone -b Arducam108MPDemo

Install Dependencies

Open the source code folder, enter cmd in the location shown below, and press Enter to enter the corresponding directory command line.

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Check Supported Resolution

You can use many software to check the resolution, such as amcap, potplayer.

Preview & Save Images


To save images with 108MP resolution, you must use the following example Demo. For other resolutions, you can use software such as Potplayer and AMCAP to retrieve images.

  • 108MP (12000x9000)

1.Preview the small resolution first and adjust the focus to make the picture clearer.

python -W 1280 -H 720 --ccm --tuning-file arducam_108mp.json -F

Note 1

If you have multiple cameras, plesae use the -i parameter to select the correct camera.
For example, if your computer has a built-in camera, use -i 1 to select the Arducam camera.

python -W 1280 -H 720 --ccm --tuning-file arducam_108mp.json -F -i 1

Note 2

Due to the differences between different platforms, the number of frames required to save a 108MP image will be different. On the Windows platform, you can set --wait-frames to 5

python -W 1280 -H 720 --ccm --tuning-file arducam_108mp.json -F --wait-frames 5

2.Enter a on the keyboard to save the 108MP image. Because the image resolution is large and the frame rate is low, it takes a longer time for ISP processing.

Therefore it takes a few seconds to save the image; The save success field appears to indicate successful saving.

3.Check the image, the saved image name is 108MP.jpg. Please check it in the current directory.

  • Other Resolutions

1.Preview the image and adjust the focus to make the picture clearer


Please check the resolution referring to step 3 above, fill in the supported resolution information into the corresponding -W -H parameters, -W corresponds to the width, -H corresponds to the height.

python -W 4000 -H 3000 -F

2.Enter s on the keyboard to save the image; The default file name is ''{width}x{height}.jpg''