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M12 (S-Mount) Lens

What is M12 Mount and M12 Lens

M12 means that the diameter of the lens thread is 12mm, and it’s also known as the S-Mount lens because it is S (Smaller, Shorter) compared to the C/CS mount lenses.

M12 lens is a series of lenses to be installed in the M12 mount lens base, usually used for applications where compact size is required. The M12 lens was initially widely used on CCTV cameras for surveillance, but it also prevails among the embedded cameras as a qualified alternative to the C/CS Mount lens.

Why M12 lenses on Raspberry Pi and other embedded systems

The M12 lenses are perfect for the board-level cameras, and it’s cost-effective for lower-end products. The Raspberry Pi camera, on the other hand, comes with nearly no support of interchangeable lenses before the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera is out. Customers are stuck with the stock lens, which is around 60 degrees horizontal if they are not informed of the third-party modules. Even after the High Quality Camera with C/CS-Mount is out, the M12 Lenses are still needed because it helps to cover the needs of a wider field of view or fisheye cameras.

Use an M12 Lens on a CS-Mount

Because the M12 lens is a threaded lens, it can be mounted with a proper thread. Therefore, we can adapt it from other mounts, such as the CS-Mount. Since the release of the 12MP IMX477 Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, there is an increasing need of adapting CS-Mount to fit an M12 lens. You can read the blog below to know more about how this process works.

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Understand the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera with M12 Lens and Mount

Posted: May 26, 2020

Quick answer to M12 lens RPi HQ Camera You either: Buy a customized m12 lens IMX477 camera (RPI-CAM-V2 sized) orUse an M12-CS adapter with an IMX477-matching M12 lens. Find more details in the blog below. Read more…

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What M12 lenses does Arducam offer

The majority of Arducam M12 lenses are selected for and tested on 1/4″ (Arduino camera, Raspberry Pi Camera V1&V2) and 1/2.3″ image sensors (Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera like IMX477 Modules), but it can also be used on other image sensors as long as the lens optical format is compatible.

We offer M12 lenses of different focal length and optical distortion. The focal lengths of our M12 lenses range from 1mm (fisheye end) to 25mm(telephoto end). Arducam also offers M12 lenses with little optical distortion for applications where an accurate digital restoration of the object is required.

To better meet the needs, we’ve packed lenses with different focal lengths into a lens kit, and lenses with optical distortion into another. You can also refer to Lens Products from Arducam for more information.

  • LK003 M12 lens kit for HQ camera module 1 new

#### Arducam M12 Lens Kit for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, Fisheye Wide Angle Telephoto M12 Camera Lenses with Lens Adapter

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  • 6 M12 Lenses and 1 Lens Adapter, carefully selected and tested on the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, get decent quality image with no hindrance
  • Come in 6 different FOV (Field of View), Horizontal FOV ranging …

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#### Arducam Low Distortion M12 mount camera lens kit for Arduino and Raspberry Pi camera

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Arducam Low Distortion M12 mount camera lens kit for Arduino and Raspberry Pi camera

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#### Arducam M12 mount camera lens kit for Arduino and Raspberry Pi camera

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  • 10 M12 Mount lens for Arduino and Raspberry Pi cameras, HFOV ranging from 10 to 200 degree
  • Why we need it: In case you’re disappointed with the fixed official cameras and want precise control of what gets into the frame of …