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High Dynamic Range Camera


HDR stands for high dynamic range. Dynamic range, to put it simply, is the range of light and dark tones in your photos. The human eye has a very high dynamic range — which is why we can see details in both shadows and highlights. The best digital cameras capture only half as much range as the human eye.

However, needless to say, approaching the level that human eyes can see is one of the ultimate goals that machine vision dreams of.

Technically, an HDR image is usually obtained by capturing three images of the same scene, each at different shutter speeds. The result is a bright, medium, and dark image, based on the amount of light that got through the lens. The image sensor then combines all the photos to stitch together the entire image. This helps to create an image similar to what a human eye would see.

In the field of Raspberry Pi camera modules, Arducam always keeps the same ambition at heart and has created multiple items whose dynamic range reaches up to 96 dB. And our goal is 120dB. In comparison, the standard dynamic range for Raspberry Pi is only around 40dB.


Product Image SKU Sensor Resolution Pin/Connect Type Color Type Features Lens Type Field of View(HxV) Focus Type IR Sensitivity
B0247 AR0230 2MP 22/Top Color HDR M12 Lens 90°(H) x 52°(V) Manual Focus 650nm IR-cut filter


This camera module is currently discontinued. The Arducam Team is developing the new High Dynamic Range camera, please pay attention to our follow-up progress. Thanks for your kind patience and attention.