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Getting started: Arducam ToF Camera for Jetson

Getting Started with Arducam ToF Camera for Jetson Nano NX

A quick guide for getting started with Arducam ToF Camera on Jetson Nano/Xavier NX.


A Time of Flight camera module featuring a MIPI-CSI 2 connection and offering up to 4-meter measuring range with sub-2cm precision, designed and optimized exclusively for Raspberry Pi & Nvidia Jetson boards.


Specification Arducam ToF Camera
Price $29.99 – Kickstarter $50 – MSRP
Number of Effective Pixels 240×180
Image Size 1/6″
Max. Frame Rate (Sensor) 120fps
Max. Depth Frame Rate (Raspberry Pi) 30fps, 4-phase
Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye (32-bit/64-bit) 01/28/22 or later releases
TDP 3.5W Power supply for Pi should be at least 5V/4A
Supported Platforms Pi 2/3/CM3/4B Zero W/Zero 2 W/CM4
Modulation Frequency 75MHz/37.5MHz
Viewing Angle 70° Diagonal
Measurement Distance Far Mode: 4m Near Mode: 2m
Light Source 940nm VCSEL illuminator
Board Size 38mm x 38mm
Interface MIPI (2-Lane)
Output Formats 4-phases RAW Frame,
Depth Frame,
Grayscale Amplitude Frame


Product Image SKU Pin/Connect Type Color Type Features Light Source Field of View(HxV) Focus Type IR Sensitivity
B0410 15/Top Color Real-time point cloud and depth map 940nm VCSEL illuminator 62.8°(H) x 37.9°(V) Fixed Focus without IR-cut filter

How ToF Works

ToF stands for “Time of Flight”.

A ToF Camera emits modulated lights (CW method) and uses the time it takes for the said lights to be reflected back to measure the distance/depth info of any given object/scene, and you can obtain depth data (X, Y & Z coordinate position) in every pixel.

Light travel is calculated with d=C/2f, where C is the speed of light and f is the modulation frequency.


Make sure you are running a newer version of Jetpack (4.6.1 or later). A fresh install is highly recommended.

Connecting the camera to Jetson Nano/Xavier NX

Connecting the camera to Jetson Nano/Xavier NX

For a more detailed graphic guide on how to connect, please check here.

Using the camera on Jetson Nano/Xavier NX

Follow each of the steps by running their respective command shown below.

Step 1. Pull the repository.

git clone

Step 2. Change the directory to Arducam_tof_camera/jetson

cd Arducam_tof_camera/jetson

Step 3. *Installation (Driver, Dependencies, SDK, OpenCV)*


When you see the reboot prompt, enter y.

Step 4. compile & run


Once it’s successfully compiled, live previews of the camera will automatically pop up.

Instructions for Safe Use

To properly use the Arudcam ToF Camera, kindly note:

  • Before connecting, you should always power the Jetson Nano/Xavier NX off and remove the power supply first.
  • Make sure the cable on the camera board is locked in place.
  • Make sure the cable is correctly inserted in the Jetson Nano/Xavier NX board’s MIPI CSI-2 connector.
  • Avoid high temperatures.
  • Avoid water, moisture, or conductive surfaces while in operation.
  • Avoid folding, or straining the flex cable.
  • Avoid cross-threading with tripods.
  • Gently push/pull the connector to avoid damaging the printed circuit board.
  • Avoid moving or handling the printed circuit board excessively while it’s in operation.
  • Handle by the edges to avoid damage from electrostatic discharge.
  • Where the camera board is stored should be cool and as dry as possible.
  • Sudden temperature/humidity changes can cause dampness in the lens and affect the image/video quality.