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64MP Hawkeye


A 64-megapixel ultra-high resolution autofocus camera module exclusively built for the latest and future generations of Raspberry Pis.

By bringing a sensor inside modern-day flagship phones to Raspberry Pi. you can take DSLR like still images at the maximum resolution of 9152 x 6944. And with an autofocus lens, the ePTZ, and the upcoming continuous-autofocus features.

You now get more horsepower to build more applications, to cover more industries, to unlock more fields, at a much lower cost.

For seasoned makers, Pi Hawk-eye is designed to ensure you a smooth development, it is compatible with everything you already have: the v1/v2 form-factor, the MIPI CSI-2 connection, the latest libcamera software, the standard tripod mount, etc.

Image Sensor

Sensor Model 64MP Hawkeye
Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
Active Pixels 9152 (H) × 6944 (V)
Resolution 64MP
Image Sensor Format Type 1/1.7″
Pixel Size 0.8 µm x 0.8 µm
CSI-2 Data Output 2-lane mode
Data Format JPEG/YUV/RGB/RAW10

Motorized Focus

Arducam 64MP Hawkeye Motorized Focus Camera Modules are designed for you to control the focus via software, so you can see closer and see where you want to see.


Product Image SKU Pin/Connect Type Features Lens Type Field of View(D/H/V) Focus Type IR Sensitivity
B0399 15/bottom High Resolution Stock Lens 72°(H) x 54.6°(V) Autofocus 650nm IR cut filter
B0399B0091 HDMI Extension Kit
B0399U6248 Ethernet Extension Kit
B0399B0283 Pan-Tilt Kit

Controlling Raspberry Pi Cameras with Your Smartphone (Android)

Click to Expand Android A handy way to use a Raspberry Pi camera to capture images with your phone.
  • Step 1. Getting Things Ready
  • What you need:
    Please follow the quick manuals to first make sure the cameras work properly.
  • Step 2. Connecting to Raspberry Pi
  • Open RaspController on your phone, and click the plus button (bottom right) to add a device. android2
    • Device name: whatever you want to call it
    • Host/IP Address: Your Raspberry Pi's IP address.
    • SSH Port: keep it to default.
    • Timeout (Sec): keep it to default
    • Username: Your RPI's username. (by default, it's "pi")
    • Authentication: Choose whether you use Password or Keys for SSH. Default password is "raspberry".
    Click CONNECTION TEST, and then click the save button.
  • Step 3. Add custom libcamera commands
  • Tap on the added device.
    Tap custom commands > USER
    Add the two following commands:
    For 16MP-AF (all pi models) and 64MP-AF (Pi 4B/CM4):
    ibcamera-still --autofocus --timestamp
    For 64MP-AF (other Pi models):
    libcamera-still --autofocus --timestamp --width 4624 --height 3472
  • Step 4. Capturing a picture and viewing it through your phone
Tap on the added command & wait till the image's captured.
Navigate back and tap on File Manager. (This allows you to view and manage all files on your Raspberry Pi)
Tap on the captured image to download to your phone.


You can also use this setup with Arducam OV5647, IMX219, and IMX477 series, or the official camera module v1/v2/HQ.
The two default camera options in the menu only take pictures at 5MP,for full resolution captures and customized controls, we highly recommend adding your custom commands.


Quick Start

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