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Please first confirm that you have performed the correct operations according to the documents.

If you need quick communication to help you solve the problem, please contact

1. Why can’t I see the 108mp resolution in the software? The maximum resolution is only 6000x9000?

Due to some driver and application limitations, we cannot directly obtain 108mp YUV data, so we put the 108mp resolution RAW data into 6000x9000 resolution YUV data.

This is also the reason why general software cannot preview 6000x9000 normally. In order to restore 108mp data, you need to use the specific Demo we provide to obtain the 108mp data and parse and restore it.

2. Why can’t the software detect the camera?

Please make sure your camera is connected correctly first. You can plug and unplug several times to confirm.

Note: Other devices that occupy too much bandwidth or have long transmission distances may affect signal transmission.