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Arducam’s Jetvariety project (short for Jetson variety) wants to solve the Jetson Nano camera issues with a universal solution. Based on our Raspberry Pi MIPI camera projects, we’ve managed to quickly increase the variety of Jetson Nano cameras with our proprietary general-purpose camera solution – one adapter board and one kernel camera driver for all. Now it’s much easier to add a new camera to the Jetson Nano.

Image Sensor

Image Sensor 21MP IMX230
Max. Resolution 5344H×4016V
Pixel Size 1.12um×1.12um
Optical Format 1/2.4”
Lens Spec Focal length: 4.77mm, F.NO: 1.75±5%,
FOV: horizontal 64deg
IR Sensitivity Integral IR filter, visible light only
Focus Type Motorized focus,
programmable focus control
Frame Rate 5344×4012@9fps, 3840×2160@10fps,
2592×1944@15fps, 2656×2004@30fps,
1920×1080@30fps, 1280×960@120fps,
1280×720@120fps, 640×480@120fps
Sensor Output Format RAW10
ISP Output Format Not Supported
Interface Type 2-Lane MIPI
Board Size 38mm×38mm

At Arducam

Since the release of IMX230, we have designed several versions with different features according to different needs: IR-CUT, Motorized Focus, PT&PTZ , M12/CS .

Motorized Focus

This Arducam IMX230 High Quality motorized focus camera module integrates a motor that could be controlled by software for a smarter focus, and you will no longer focus the camera by screwing the lens with your bare hands.


Product Image SKU Pin/Connect Type Features Lens Type Field of View(D/H/V) Focus Type IR Sensitivity
Image B0324 22/Top High Resolution M12 64°(H) x 48°(V) Stock Lens 650nm IR-cut filterr


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