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Host Debug Tools

  • To make it easier for user to debug the camera, Arducam release the Host_V2 application. User can get it from
  • Specific Parameter:
  • IP:
  • The host v2 supports wifi connection, it can act as a TCP client, input the right IP address. Notice , the wifi connect port is 80.
  • Port: The host v2 supports serial port connection. it used to choose the right serial port
  • Baudrate: It used to choose the right baud rate
  • Pix: It used to choose the right sensor and resolution. The host v2 supports OV2640/OV5640/OV5642. Different sensor has different resolution.
  • Function: It used to set the special function of each sensor. For example, user can set the light to automatic mode or sunny mode.
  • Mode: It used to set the single capture mode and streaming mode.
  • File: It used to set the local path where the image will be stored into.
  • Capture: It used to start capture and streaming




Host_V2 running demo