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Lens Shading Calibration

20Before and after the calibration

What is the lens shading effect we are talking about?

Sometimes when you replace the original lens of the Raspberry Pi V2 or HQ camera with an Arducam Lens, you will encounter a color issue where the outer side of the picture looks pink or magenta. That is a lens shading artifact, which is expected but can be solved.

It is expected because the default compensation is only valid for the stock lens of the Pi cameras, while different lens should have been compensated differently for their optical results. It can be solved because the file to alter the compensation – the lens shading table – can be overridden to match your own lens.

How should I tune the configuration file to match my lens?

Well, you don’t have to tune the compensation yourself because Arducam has already done the work for you. You just need to double check which Arducam lens you have on hand and know what the corresponding files you will be using.

Here is the matching relationship between the FoV, SKU, and Part number of the most used Arducam M12 lenses, and you will be referring to the FoV degree numbers in the first column for the target file.

HFoV on 1/4″ Part Number SKU
10 M2016ZH01 LN001
20 M2508ZH02 LN002
40 M2506ZH04 LN003
45 M2504ZH05S LN011
55 M25360H06 LN004
56 LS-27227 U1462
60 M25360H06S LN012
65 M40320M06S LN015
70 M27280M07S LN013
80 M27210H08 LN005
90 M40210M09S LN014
100 M40180H10 LN006
120 M25170H12 LN007
140 M25156H14 LN008
160 M30171H16 LN009
200 M32076M20 LN010

Arducam lens matching relationship

How to use the Arducam presets for lens shading calibration?

We currently develop libcamera tools to calibrate the lens shading for the V2/HQ cameras. Please refer to the following content to calibrate the lens shading for IMX219 and IMX477 cameras in the new system of Raspberry Pi.

Use libcmaera calibration tool

1. Download and Save the JSON file locally on your Raspberry Pi

Please refer to the following link:

Json file for IMX219 and IMX477 Camera Lens Shading

2. Run the command

libcamera-still -t 0 --tuning-file xxx.json

3. Then you can get the great lens calibration

The expected results of the Calibration


  • M12 FOV:20°


  • M12 FOV:40°


  • M12 FOV:45°


  • M12 FOV:55°


  • M12 FOV:60°


  • M12 FOV:65°


  • M12 FOV:70°


  • M12 FOV:80°


  • M12 FOV:100°


  • M12 FOV:120°


  • M12 FOV:140°


  • M12 FOV:160°


  • M12 FOV:200°