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Arducam’s Jetvariety project (short for Jetson variety) wants to solve the Jetson Nano camera issues with a universal solution. Based on our Raspberry Pi MIPI camera projects, we’ve managed to quickly increase the variety of Jetson Nano cameras with our proprietary general-purpose camera solution – one adapter board and one kernel camera driver for all. Now it’s much easier to add a new camera to the Jetson Nano.

Image Sensor

Sensor Model OV7251
Shutter Type Global Shutter
Active Pixels 640×480
Resolution 0.3 MP
Image Sensor Format Type 1/7.5″
Pixel Size 3μm×3μm
Color Filter Array None(Monochrome)

At Arducam

Since the release of OV7251, we have designed the Mini Size version to satisfy your demand of the flexibility and removeability.

Mini Size Camera

Detailed parameters


Quick Start