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OV4686 MIPI Camera with USB3.0 Camera Shield Plus

1.Download and unzip installation file

Click here to download file

2.Open up USBTest.exe


3.SET Arducam USB Camera Demo

  • Scan Device

img 19

  • File->Open->SelectOV4686 Configuration file ->Open

img 21

img 22

  • Load->OpenOV4686 Configuration file

img 23

  • Play,you can see the preview image

img 24

4.Adjust exposure and gain

img 30

img 31

5.Capture and save image

  • Press Shot to capture and save image in Release_RGBIR/Shot

img 28

img 26

  • 在Release_RGBIR/Record中选择Save data to Continuous save images as raw format 。

img 27

img 29


It will occupy plenty of memory if saving images for long time.