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Get Started with 108MP Evaluation Kit on Windows

108MP Camera w Windows guide

It’s super easy to capture full-resolution still images with the 108MP dev kit, follow the below guide so you can get the camera up and running within no time.

What you need

Step 1. Install the USB 3.0 driver for windows.

Please refer to this guide.

Step 2. Connect the camera to your computer, open the GUI program, and click “scan”.

Arducam USB 3 windows GUI

Step 3. Click “File” > “Open”, and select the config file.

select the 108MP config file

Step 4. Click “load”, then click “open”.

load the config file in arducam usb 3 gui

There should be a message saying “USB camera init success!”

Step 5. Click “play”, and you should see a live preview of the camera.

get a preview of the 108MP camera f

Step 6. Click “Tools”, and then click “Controls”.

tweak some of the camera controls before taking a picture

Here you can make some adjustments:

Focus: set the focus.

Exp: set the exposure.

ISPGamma: Toggle the gamma settings.

ISPGain(R): Set a value of the red channel.

ISPGain(B): Set a value of the blue channel.

Step 7. Click “shot” to take a photo.

how to take a full resolution image with Arducam USB 3 dev kit

Locate the GUI program, and you can find the image inside the “shot” folder.